Star Wars

These are pics of my SW 12-Back and 21-Back Figures:

Done, done, and done!  This sw set is done!  Just received my 21-Back Fett, the last and most anticipated figure of the entire collection.  Very difficult figure to find for me.  I didn't want to pay outrageously, and yet I had to have one that I was 100% sure was authentic, untampered with, and somebody I could trust.  Thanks to the RS boards and a fellow collector I found one for sale, and it was even the same person that I had bought my Luke Jedi from years ago, so I already trusted the seller.  I'm very relieved that things turned out so well.  When I first started collecting vintage MOCs, my goal was to only have ones of the figures I used to have as a kid (about 20), I thought it would make an awesome display.  Obviously I expanded on that goal, but of my original goal, Leia and Fett were the two that took the longest to find.

No immediate upgrades necessary.  My Snaggletooth is probably the worst, with one moderate crease and some overall wear, but since he's not one of my favorites, I'm still happy with him.  Another note, despite the bad pic, there's nothing wrong with the Jawa bubble, it's actually a very unique shape that wedges on the top half, causing that flash mark to be so prominant.  I must have scanned it 5 or 6 times but couldn't get rid of it.  Another note, Greedo is my only figure (of this collection) from outside the USA (he came from Gent, Belgium).  Not that I have anything against foreign sellers, it's just never been an issue. 



  C-3PO 12B - Near perfect carded figure.  Bubble is clear and flawless.  There is a tiny bit of wear on the top left corner, not even a crease, just rough edgewear.  And there are two very short horizontal viens, not even creases, on the top right from the right edge of the card to the burst in the Luke pic's lightsaber.  Can just barely see a mark in the pic.  The back has just the slightest Kenner crease from where the top of the bubble was pressed on.  Punched with a little bit of wear here.  Other than these few tiny flaws the figure displays beautifully.  One of my best.   Chewbacca 12A - Can you believe I didn't have Chewbacca as a kid?,  well, that's what Kenner gets when they only release one version of a major character.  A figure with just one obvious flaw and still displays great.  The top-right-front corner of the bubble is slightly melted.  Probably factory because there is no sign of a dent like someone was trying to fix it and the bubble isn't cracked or have a hole, it's just warped a little.  Other than that the front of the card and the rest of the bubble are immaculate, not a single nick, crease, or mark, displays great.  Unpunched.  The back shows three creases, two are really just light veining, one that is kinda on the bottom middle 1 1/2 inches long and the other is a Kenner crease from the top of the bubble being pressed on.  The third crease is harsher but short, on the bottom left (figure side) corner, and this one does barely break the surface, just on the corner, doesn't touch the POP.  Overall a beautiful figure with an unfortunate factory flaw.  
  Darth Vader 12A - This figure I almost had to give back.  But the seller wasn't very nice to me so I refused when he said he wasn't supposed to have sold it.  I'm glad I kept it because it would be hard to find it's equal.  Bubble is clear and flawless, perfect.  The front of the card is near-perfect, just one small vein on the bottom middle that runs horizontally near the bubble, not even a crease, it's practically invisible and I'm being very, very, picky to mention it.  There is one crease on the back, on the bottom left (figure side) corner across the corner, doesn't touch the POP.  Other than that the back is great.  I'm very glad I kept this one.   Death Squad Commander 12A - Not the wimpy Death Star Commander, this one's uncensored!  This one needs a little sun, I must have been lazy when I got him because I didn't get rid of that white frosting that you often see on him and esp. Vader.  5 minutes under a lamp and you'd never know it was there.  Had to buy this one twice, but it was worth it.  Bubble, perfect and clear, just the way I like them.  Cardfront, perfect and perfect... well, a little sticker residue on the top left corner but the pic makes it look much worse than it is.  Unpunched.  Carback, perfect?, not quite,  I do see some very light veining crease on the top left (figure side) that is parallel and nearly right to the edge, goes down from the top about 1 1/2 inches, you don't see that too often, very inconspicuous, and weird.  
  Han Solo 12A - Phenomenol looking figure.  Bubble is perfect, clear and undamaged.  Card front shows only the slightest inconspicuous hairline vein crease, just above the figures head and almost all in that tiny black space in between the two parallel silver bars, extrememly difficult to see, I'm being very picky.  And a small amount of price sticker residue on the top right corner, the picture makes it look much worse than it really is.  Except for a very superficial Kenner crease from the bubble top being pressed on, the back of the card is otherwise perfect.  This incredible figure even came in it's own custom acrylic case, it looks just like a skinny AFA case but the top is hinged to flip up, and someone has frost-etched on the front "Han Solo 1977 Original 12 Back".  It was obviously part of a set at one time and someone really loved this guy, just like I do.   Jawa 12B - Very little damage to speak of on this figure, displays great.  Bubble is clear and perfect, the one that is slanted on the top half, and slanted on the stem, normal.  Only damage to the card front are a tiny crease from the bottom left edge of the holepunch, and another crease from the top of the hole punch to the top of the card, can be seen in pic.  Some slight edgewear.  Back has a couple small spots with extremely superficial veining, barely worth mentioning, but it also has a tiny tear below the hole punch from when the punch was removed.  Overall the card is not completely flat, curves slightly concave if looked at from the front, not bad at all.  I won't be going after any a vinyl-caped version any time soon, but this one is more than enough for me.  
  Princess Leia Organa 12C - Man, did I search for a heck of a long time to find this figure.  I never had any Leia figure as a kid, I stole my sisters (and she stole my Ken doll).  Not that it's particularly hard to find, just couldn't find the right one.  This one is beautiful.  Only thing I don't like is the price sticker on the top right, but it's not too bad and maybe I'll be brave enough to get it off some day.  The gun is loose, but then it never was taped in, just put in her hand and is so small they're probably all loose by now.  The bubble is perfect, not a single nick, scratch, or ding, and perfectly clear.  The card is practically as good.  No damage whatsoever to the back, almost non-existent edge wear.  And the only thing to note of the front is some almost invisible faint crease lines right and left from the corners of the punch, very tiny and hard to see.  I waited a long time and am very happy with the results.   Luke Skywalker 12B - Ahhh, my first 12-back since I was 4 years old and my parents bought me this exact same figure.  What a great beginning to my collection.  Just two flaws on the front.  A small crimp on the top right corner of the bubble, not really dented or creased, just a small white zig-zag mark, but it does kinda continue halfway down the right side of the card as a very shallow groove  The other thing is the top left corner is creased, not bad at all, can be seen in the pic, and does not go through to the back.  The back does have the typical Kenner crease from the top of the bubble being pressed on, and it's a little worse than most, it actually continues past where the bubble would be, curves slightly down, and ends short of the edge of the card.  Otherwise the back is great.   
  Ben (Obi-wan) Kenobi 12A - This one came with the Vader, same story, glad I kept it too.  Displays beautifully.  Bubble is clear and perfect.  Only flaw on the entire front side of the card is a tiny bend to the bottom left corner which can be seen in the pic.  The back shows the same bend, and it also shows some thin vein/crease lines running diagonally all the way from the top left (figure side) to bottom right.  They're very thin and spread out, have to turn card into the light to see them, and the result is a very slight overall curve to the card, doesn't lay perfectly flat, but it is very close.   R2-D2 12B - Like Leia, it took a long time to acquire this figure.  I must have thought about buying this one dozens of times but something always came up.  Eventually this one came at the right time, though it's not quite as good as the rest of my 12 backs.  Card is a little bent, esp. towards the bottom right corner.  Bubble is clear and is just pushed up on the very bottom of the stem, not bent or marked, and might even be able to pull it out, otherwise perfect.  The front of the card has a pretty ugly price sticker on the top right, might be able to get it off some day.  And the same corner shows a crease that does just barely go through to the back, starts at the "d" in "and" and ends at the Luke pic's left foot, not all the way to the edge.  The back also has not a crease but more like a really dull superficial cut from the right (non-figure side) edge that makes a straight line exactly under the little Sandperson, 3PO, and DSC's feet on the back.  Back also has a little corner crease on the bottom left (figure side) corner, can see on the back and barely on the front.   
  Stormtrooper 12A - This is another great displaying figure with just one obvious flaw.  The top-left of the bubble is dented, created a crease about 1/2 way across top and to the figures shoulder on left side .  And it's one of those dents that makes a white oval around itself, not cracked, and yet it can hardly be seen from the front and when on display so that's why I got it.  It also displays so well because the front is almost flawless, a tiny chip of paper on the top left corner and a vein crease so faint on the bottom right corner that it's barely visible are it's only flaws.  The back shows no flaws at all.  Unpunched.   Bubble dents are a pet-peeve of mine so I may get this one upgraded, but I'm not in any rush.    Sand People 12B - Incredible figure with just one flaw.  Bubble is clear and flawless.  Cardfront in perfect except for the top right corner, which has a veining/creasing from the tip of the Luke pic's lightaber down and right to about where the first silver border meets the card edge, doesn't go through to the back at all.  No marks, creases, or wear on the back at all.  
  Boba Fett 21B - Wow, I thought I would never find this figure.  I gave up trying to find a POTF Yak or Anakin, so this is easily the most expensive figure in this whole collection.  Still well worth it!  The bubble is clear and shows 3 marks: top left side shows a small white mark, bottom left corner shows another longer white mark like a crease but it doesn't deform the bubble, bottom right corner has another tiny white mark like the top one.  Can't see any of them looking straight on.  The front of the card is near perfect, the pic shows a good bit of edge wear on both sides which is probably because the card is slightly bent and the edge wear came from sliding it in and out of one of those acrylic cases and the guide rails rubbed it off.  Couple very tiny superficial veins above and below the punch which is punched, extremely hard to see at all, otherwise the front is immaculate.  Back of card is near perfect, just a little bit of scuffing in one small area over the POP, and a Kenner crease from the bubble being pressed on that corresponds to the right lower edge of the bubble, a little deeper than most Kenner creases but very short and tapers off quickly.  Not perfect, but it displays absolutely phenomenoly and none of the minor defects affect it's beauty.  It's still hard to believe this holy grail of my collection has been found.   Death Star Droid 21A - This is one of the best displaying figures of the entire line IMO, the silver figure and the frosty blues and purples accented with the magenta background, very pretty.  And a fantastic near perfect figure too.  The bubble is clear and practically perfect, just a small spot of rub wear that can be seen in the pic.  There is a little damage to the right top edge of the hole punch that also goes through to the back.  But other than that there aren't any marks, creases, dents, or damage of any kind to the whole card.  One of the best figures of my whole collection.  
  Greedo 21A - This was my earliest favorite bad guy as a kid, why?, because he could actually hold his gun without losing it.  That's important when you're a kid.  This is also my only figure from outside the U.S. (from this part of my collection).  Gent, Belgium.  Nice people in Gent.  Bubble is great overall, just a tiny little dint on the top right corner way back by the card, very insignificant, there's also a tiny mark from where his antenna hit the top of the bubble, kinda funny, not cracked at all of course.  Cardfront shows three superficial creases.  One from the hole punch corner to the right edge of card, just below Luke/Leia pic.  Second from the word "up" to just below Luke/Leia pic on right edge of card.  And third, top left corner, small, can be seen best in pic.  Finally there is a little mark just below "S" in "WARS" that can also be seen in the pic, doesn't break the surface, just a mark.  The back looks about the same as the front.  The two top right longer creases are fainter on the back and the one top left shorter crease is more pronounced on the back.  Also a little bit of faint creasing to the bottom left (figure side) corner on the back.   Hammerhead 21A - This one displays great, but has some light damage.  The clear bubble has a couple dints on it but they are both so tiny you have to really look.  The marks are on the top right and top left corners, both way in the back by the card and don't deform it at all.  The front looks great, some creasing and slight sticker damage to the top left corner, can see all of it in the pic and it doesn't go through to the back.  The back does show some minor overall scuffing and very superficial creasing/veining vertically all the way from the top to the bottom towards the right (non-figure side) edge of the card, doesn't go through to the front, hard to see.  Bottom card corners show some wear but not creased.     
  Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot 21A - I guess this would also have to be the first figure of my Luke X-Wing focus, and a better beginning I couldn't ask for.  Because he is my favorite character, I wanted this one to be one of my best, and it would be very hard to find a better one.  The bubble is crystal clear and perfect.  The card front is flawless with no creases, marks, tears, dents, nothing but some glue residue in a rectangle shape on the top left corner that looks like a faded spot in the pic.  The back is equally as impressive as the front, just a very superficial Kenner crease from when the top of the bubble was pressed on and in just a small area.  A little edge damage to the bottom left (figure side) corner that's barely noticeable at all when looking at the back.  This is one great figure worthy of starting a whole collection.  Favorite.    Power Droid 21A - Love the artwork and colors on this figure.  It really makes a hum-drum figure like this come alive, and I love purple.  Bubble is clear and near perfect, which is actually pretty rare when the bubble is so big and sticks out so far.  I think that's what caused the crease on the very bottom of the stem, it's very close to the front and crosses the short span of the stem from left to right but doesn't deform the rest of the bubble stem at all.  Almost looks natural.  The card front is spectacular, not a flaw or crease anywhere, perfect.  The back has a couple shallow vein creases though.  One from the hole punch to the left (figure side) of the card, pretty faint.  And one that I guess is a Kenner crease from the bubble being pressed on, but instead of it being from the top of the bubble, it's from the lower right side, again, very faint and minor.  
  R5-D4 21A - This little guy is a-ok in my book, even if he is a Sandcrawler reject.  Bubble is clear and has a couple tiny marks on the top, not dents or creases, just marks, can hardly see, I'm being very picky.  Cardfront is great, shows price sticker damage on the top right corner, very tiny specs, and it blends in with the Luke/Leia pic and starfield.  Some edge and corner wear, not much.  Light crease from hole punch straight up to top of card on front, can see in pic.  The back doesn't show any creases, but you can kinda tell that the bottom left (figure side) corner would have been creased if the bubble didn't strengthen it, it's very slightly bent and there's a tiny mark there.   Snaggletooth 21B - Can't get enough of those Cantina aliens, even the vertically challenged one's.  This one displays beautifully.  The bubble is clear and has a little bit of a raised edge to a small portion of the left side, tiny dint on the left side too, can't be seen from the front at all, very slight.  Gun is loose. Minor edge/corner wear.  Unpunched.  The front shows no creasing at all, just some tiny dirty spots, displays perfectly.  But then you look at the back, and oh my!  Big ole' crease running diagonally across the bottom half of the card, another crease from the bottom of the card kinda 1/2 of the way up, and another from about the middle right (figure side) edge 1 inch in.  And yet none of this shows through to the front.  They're long creases on the back, but still superficial so not as bad as it sounds.  Some scuffing on the back too.  Like I said, looks great on display and for this particular figure that's good enough for me... for now.  
  Walrus Man 21B - Walrus Man, couldn't they come up with a better name back then?  Like... Butt-Chined Lobster Man?  Not my favorite figure, kinda lame IMO, but I do like the artwork on the card.  The bubble is clear, but has a couple dents on the top-right which have caused a crease across the top about half way.  The front of the card is spectacular, no flaws.  A bit of edge wear/damage on the left side near the figures head, not bad and just in one small area.  The back shows a typical Kenner crease from the top of the bubble, pretty average, and a little light scuffing in places, average.  Average figure on a better than average card, that's exactly what I wanted.