Return of the Jedi

These are pics of my ROTJ Figures:

Now we come to the Jedi figures. I have alot of fond memories of these since Jedi came out just when I was starting to get old enough to buy my own. And whereas I have no recollection of where my SW figures came from and only fuzzy memories of ESB, I can remember going after my childhood Jedi figures like it was yesterday.

Of all the divisions of my collection, this is probably the finest. It is the first division of my collection to be completed. Also, there are almost no figures that need upgrading. Many of these are C9.9 MINT and all of them have completely clear bubbles (last time I looked) with the possible exception of Ree-Yees which may have a very slight tint (I BINed him pretty cheap without a thorough investigation). Anybody who's looked for truly clear bubble ROTJ figures knows it's alot harder than most people think.

To be honest, I got very lucky finding about 1/3 of the rarest of these figures from one seller. And at great prices. It pretty much completed this part of my collection in one fell swoop.

Also of note is the Prune Face figure. I added one extra condition to my choice for this figure, I wanted his cape open so I could see his body. This may not sound like a problem, but man! Prune Face + ROTJ + No Offer + Clear Bubble + C9 Condition + Open Cape = One very tough mutha' to find.





  8D8 77A - This one is practically perfect.  Bubble and inner tray are crystal clear and flawless, extremely difficult to find for this particular figure.  Card is case-fresh, high gloss, other than a tiny vein just above the hole punch that can be seen in the pic, the whole card back and front are flawless, no damage, other creases, marks, or wear at all.  Hole punch is a little rough.  Wow.    Admiral Ackbar 65B - Interesting figure, I actually had my choice of two, one with a crystal clear bubble and minor card damage, the other with a tinted bubble and perfect card.  I chose this one.  It has a crystal clear perfect bubble.  Card is case-fresh and very glossy, just has a couple flaws.  The punch is kinda messed up and actually there's a tiny tear below it's bottom right corner that can be seen in the pic.  The other flaw is the price sticker on the front, there was a slightly bigger price sticker on it originally and when I removed it it took some of the litho with it.  I put this vintage K-mart sticker over the damage after I took it off another card.  I screwed up, but it's not too bad.  Back of card is perfect, no creases, marks, or any damage at all.  Slight corner wear on bottom left corner.   
  AT-ST Driver 77A - Not much to describe on this one, aside from some very minor edge wear it's perfect.  Bubble is super clear and flawless.  No creases, marks, or wear on the front or back at all.  Unpunched.  Doesn't get any better than this.   Bib Fortuna 77A - Another figure surprisingly hard to get.  Clear bubbles are getting harder to find esp. for figures like this, and this one is super clear with no damage.  The card is awesome too, but with one major flaw.  The top right corner has a surface tear, and some idiot filled it in with black marker, can be seen in pic.  Of course this wasn't even hinted at on the auction I bought it from, but that's ebay for you, love it or leave it.  Otherwise the front has a little creasing above the hole punch but is otherwise great.  The back shows some light creasing on the top left (figure side) just on the corner, doesn't show through to the front.  Hole punch is a little rough.  
  Biker Scout 65A - Near flawless.  Can't find any defects unless you count that the gun has come loose.  Perfect, crystal clear bubble.  Case fresh, unpunched, high gloss.  Punch hole is a little ragged even though it is unpunched so...?!?  Tiniest, insignificant amount of corner/edge wear.  One of my childhood and current all-time favorites.   B-Wing Pilot 77A - Bubble is clear and undamaged.  Gun has come loose.  Couple very minor surface creases above the punch.  Also some surface creasing on the bottom and bottom right corner, the corner crease does show a little on the back.  The back has a little more surface veining around the hole punch, and a Kenner crease from where the bubble was pressed on at the top and bottom right side.  
  Chief Chirpa 65A - Near flawless carded figure, unpunched, perfectly undamaged and crystal clear bubble, high gloss, beautiful.  Only two minor crease damage areas, the first is very minor standard Kenner top bubble crease on the back, the second is a minor crease on the bottom left corner of the card about at a 45 degree angle that just stays entirely in the black, doesn't reach the bubble, more seen on the back than front.   Emperor 77A - One of my favorites, this is gorgeous.  Bubble and inner tray are absolutely crystal clear and flawless, incredibly rare for this figure.  Card is case fresh, high gloss, unpunched.  Only damage is on the back where the bottom left corner has some moderate creases, must have gotten shoved against something in the case, extends up to the Rancor Monster's hand.  This figure also has the piece of tape on the bottom of the bubble and it is from Hong Kong, this has been proven to be done at the factory for some unknown reason, any ideas?  
  Gamorrean Guard 65A - Very near perfect.  Bubble is perfect, crystal clear including the inner tray and no damage whatsoever.  The entire card, front and back, shows only one minor spot of damage, some very faint stress/vein lines on the top left corner that can be seen on the front, very faint.  Case-fresh, very glossy, unpunched.  On the back that same corner has a very slight dent right on the tip that doesn't go through to the front.  Back also has two price stickers, but luckily one is on top of the other and they are way down on the barcode area.  How can you not love a giant pig-like creature with a axe who happens to resemble Friar Tuck?, loved this one as a kid.    General Madine 65A - Another one of those figures that you think would be easy to find in this condition, but is actually rare.  This one is practically flawless.  Bubble and inner tray are crystal clear and undamaged.  Card is case-fresh and high gloss, unpunched.  The back just shows the slightest Kenner crease from when the side of the bubble was pressed on, very feint and hard to see.  The bottom left (figure side) corner of the card tip is dinged, only shows on back.  For a relatively obscure characted he makes a great collectible.   
  Han Solo Endor Gear 79A - Totally awesome figure.  Perfectly undamaged and crystal clear bubble.  Punched, high gloss, beautiful, flat card.  Slight Kenner crease on back of card from side of bubble being pressed on.  Only real damage to note is from what looks like a poorly removed price sticker on the top right, not by me.   Klaatu 65A - Excellent.  Displays beautifully, perfectly clear bubble, just one mild dent to the top right corner that can be seen in the pic.  Card front is gorgeous, tiny spot of wear on card above the figures head.  Some moderate edgeware, nothing major, corner wear.  Unpunched, but the hole punch is kinda ragged, not sure why?!?  
  Klaatu Skiff Guard 77A - Beautiful card/figure, unpunched, I love this one.  The bubble is flawless, crystal clear, even the tray under the figure is crystal clear, which is incredibly hard to find on this figure.  The card itself is near-flawless as well, no creases, corner wear, edge wear whatsoever.  The only damage at all is on the top right corner of the card where it looks like there is some damage from a price sticker removal, even though I don't think there ever was one.  Beauty.   Lando Calrissian Skiff Guard Disguise 65A - Bubble is perfectly undamaged and completely clear, though the glue on the edges is getting a little yellow.  The card front is immaculate, not a speck of damage anywhere and unpunched.  The card back has a Kenner crease from when the bubble was pressed on, but it's not from the top of the bubble like usual, it's along the left (figure side) of edge of the card where the bubble pressed on.  It's very superficial, just veining really, doesn't look bad.  
  Princess Leia Organa Boushh Disguise 65B - This would be a perfect figure if it hadn't been pushed against something in the case.  Case-fresh, high gloss, unpunched.  Bubble is crystal clear and no dings, dents, or damage.  Overall the card looks superb, the problem is the left side, where it is bent from top to bottom.  The bend is straight vertical and goes right up to the bubble, and probably because the bubble reinforced it the crease stops there, but it is still slightly bent all the way down.  It displays amazingly and is still a super figure.    Princess Leia Organa in Endor Gear 77A - Fantastic card, unpunched, high gloss.  Tiny bit of corner and edge wear.  No creases on the back.  Only card damage at all is a line of those very superficial surface creases on the front center that can only be seen when turned into the light, extend from the top of the card, straight down to the bottom of the "D" in "Jedi".  Bubble looks great but has some damage, small creases on the top right & left, and bottom left corners (this one unfortunately reaches the front of the bubble, it's right on the corner).  No cracks at all.  Bubble is 99% clear and I am very critical, the glue on the edges is also yellowing which is common.  
  Logray 77A - Very close to perfection.  Unpunched, very glossy, completely flat.  Bubble is clear and undamaged, perfectly sealed, glue around edges is just barely starting to tint which is common.  Only flaw at all is small dent on bottom left corner of card, very tiny and hard to see.  Also slight Kenner crease on back from top of bubble, common.   Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight 77A - Favorite ROTJ figure of all, Luke Jedi ROCKS!!  Glad I have him on such a fantastic card.  Bubble completely undamaged and perfectly clear.  Can't tell if it's the snap or sewn cape.  Card is case fresh, unpunched, practically perfect.  Only damage is the tiniest slightest surface crease on the top right corner that can only be seen in the right light, doesn't go through at all.  I love this one.  
  Lumat 79C - Ewoks, ya gotta love em.  This one and Paploo are the only ROTJ figures that can't be found U.S. offerless.  But it's a cool Anakin promo offer and all the way in the corner so it doesn't really block the great picture.  The other alternative would be to get an offerless Canadian version, but I wanted them all to be U.S. cardbacks.  Bubble is clear and perfectly undamaged.  The card front is spectacular, no creases, marks, wear or damage at all.  Punched.  The back is practically perfect too, no damage at all except for a tiny hole pushed into the card behind the figure itself, this was done intentionally at the factory and is found on all of these figures when made in Mexico, not sure why, any ideas?  It's not a big deal, about the size of a pencil tip.    Nien Nunb 65B - I like this figure alot, even though the punch hole is torn.  Perfectly crystal clear and undamaged bubble which I love.  Case fresh, unpunched, high gloss.  Completely crease free, no edge, no corner wear.  Too bad that something tore through the hole punch, so the card is torn right through to the top and there are a couple additional creases in the area as a result.  It can be kinda pushed back together so it still displays beautiful.  
  Nikto 77A - Fantastic carded figure.  Perfectly crystal clear and undamaged bubble.  Near-perfect card.  Pushed through but unpunched hole punch.  Very slight couple spots of top edgewear that can be seen in the pic.  Minor Kenner crease on back from top of bubble.  And there's a little crease on the front-center-right edge of card that moves through the black and white right up to the pic, shows through to the back too, can be seen in the pic.    Paploo 79C - As close to perfect  as it gets.  Bubble is clear and perfectly undamaged.  Neither the back nor front of the card shows any marks, creases, stresses, dents, or any damage... well, except for that darn hole that the Mexican factory puts behind all it's Paploos, just like the Lumat.  Like the Paploo the hole is the size of a pencil point and is pretty much a given for this figure.  Punched.  Card also has a very slight wave to it, barely worth mentioning.  
  Prune Face 79A - I love this figure.  It took me so long to find one with a clear bubble, spectacular card, and the figure with his cape open so you can see his body, I think it looks much better this way.  I must admit that the bubble might just be starting to tint the absolute slightest.  It's hard to tell because there is an inner blister and the figure with his cape pretty much fill up the entire inner space, so it's hard to see all the way through the bubble.  I think it's clear, and it's definitely undamaged.  The card is spectacular, no damage to the front or back at all, no creases, marks or dents, perfect.    Rancor Keeper 77A - Given how unpopular this figure is, it sure is hard to find one with a clear bubble and great card.  This one has a perfect clear bubble, though the inner tray is just starting to tint, undamaged.  Front of card is great, just some minor corner and edge wear, also a couple tiny white spots from a poorly lifted price sticker, not by me.  Back of card is awesome too, just the slightest Kenner crease from the top of the bubble being pressed on and that's it.  Not my favorite figure, but a great addition to the collection  
  Rebel Commando 65A - As close to perfect as they come.  Case fresh, unpunched, high gloss, absolutely flat.  Bubble and inner tray are crystally clear, very, very rare for this particular figure, and bubble has no damage whatsoever.  Card is practically flawless.  No edgeware, corner wear, or creases on front.  Just an almost invisible Kenner crease on the back from the top of the bubble.  Unbeatable.   Ree-Yees 77A - Pretty sure this is my only Jedi figure that doesn't have a clear bubble.  It's only just slightly tinted, less than 1%, and would probably be sold as clear by anybody else.  This is also the only figure of this collection that I bought off ebay using the "Buy It Now" feature (where it was described as clear) which doesn't really allow a buyer to ask questions or research.  Not my best buy.  The bubble has a tiny mark on the front, in the bottom right corner, hardly there.  Unpunched.  Creasing on the top left corner on front, can see in pic.  Also a couple slight short vein horizontal creases on the right and left edge of the card, both about at the level of the figures name.  Bottom left corner is creased, shows worse on the back.  Some Kenner creasing on the back from the bubble's top and entire right side being pressed on.  Couple of other spots of surface veining/creasing on the back, not bad.  I don't BIN auctions anymore.    
  Emperor's Royal Guard 65A  - great figure unpunched, case fresh with a perfectly clear and undamaged bubble.  Price sticker on top right, couple spots of edge wear, bottom left corner slight crease.  The worst damage, which can't really bee seen in the pic, is that the right 1/2 inch of the card is very slightly bent from top to bottom, crease lines can be seen on the back but not the front, doesn't detract at all from the displayablilty.   Squid Head 65A - Practically perfect in every way.  Bubble is perfectly clear and undamaged.  Unpunched.  Card has no wear, creases, or marks.  Very, very slight Kenner crease on back of card from bubble being pressed on.  Tiniest, practically invisible dint to bottom left corner of card.  
  Teebo 77A - Almost perfect, just a couple tiny flaws keep this one from being the best.  The bubble and inner tray are both crystal clear and nearly perfect, just a tiny indent to the front of the bubble on the top right corner, can just barely be seen in the pic.  The card is case-fresh, high gloss, and unpunched.  Front just has a couple specs of wear up on the right edge towards the top, seen in pic, otherwise perfect.  As good as the back which just has the slightest Kenner crease from the right edge of the bubble being pressed on and is otherwise perfect.    Weequay 77A - near flawless figure, unpunched, practically perfect.  No edge wear, no corner wear, no creases, card is perfectly flat and glossy.  Bubble is perfectly clear with just the tiniest hairline dint on the top right corner, not even a dent, just a mark.  One of my best and extremely hard to find clear bubbled.  
  Wicket 77A - This is a spectacular figure, practically perfect.  Bubble is crystal clear and undamaged, spear on the right side (obviously).  Front of card shows no damage or wear whatsoever, flawless.  Just a couple tiny spots of edgewear.  Back of card is practically perfect too, just the very slightest Kenner crease from the top of the bubble being pressed on, barely visible at all.  One of my best.