Luke X-Wing Pilot

My Vintage MOC Luke X-Wing Collection:

Once I realized I might actually complete my goal of all 96 moc figures, I had to ask myself whether I would stop collecting vintage entirely or keep going, and if so with what?  I know alot of collectors who just collect.  Whatever crossed their path, whatever "good deal" they find, whatever interests them at the moment is what they buy.  But I've never been able to do that, I need a goal... a purpose.  I need to know that each piece I collect is part of a greater whole.  So again, the question, what to do?  While the idea of quitting is tempting (more free time, money, and less hassle), I still enjoy the hunt, the community, and the nostalgia.  So what?  I wanted to branch out.  I didn't have any foreign or bootleg pieces, alot of which are awesome.  And I just didn't have much variety.  Character focused collections always look so cool, one theme joining together different items from around the world and over decades, so that's what I decided to do. 

But who to collect?  IG-88, my favorite bounty hunter; Luke Jedi, coolest looking fig; Biker Scout, favorite Imperial trooper; or Greedo, coolest alien.  All favorites from my childhood.  But Luke X-Wing stood out from them all.  First off, he's Luke, my favorite character.  Second, orange, I love orange.  Third, he was one of the original Star Wars figures so except for the 12-back, every other card backing (including POTF) is available for him.  Fourth, popularity, a very distinguishable figure reproduced all over the world.  Fifth, he wasn't already taken.  Yes, there are other Luke Pilot collections, but not like Bill and his 3POs or John and his Biker Scouts or everyone and their Vaders.  Not that it mattered, it just seemed like a niche I could be happy with.  So, Luke Pilot it is.

From left to right:
TOP ROW: Star Wars 21A-Back Offerless (with prototype Dewback & Droid Factory on back), Custom POTJ Luke on Star Wars 21-Back, Custom Alternate Photo Star Wars 21-Back, Custom Lego Star Wars 21-Back, Empire 48C-Back Ackbar Offer (offer is printed on back, not stickered) AFA 80 
CENTER  ROW:  Jedi 77A-Back Offerless, Tri-Logo Clipper (Belgium) Primes Offer Miscarded, Brazilian Lead with Original Box Gun & Lightsaber, Polish Articulated Bootleg 2nd Generation (loose, shown on Photoshoped card for aesthetic value only), Empire 41A-Back Survival Offer
BOTTOM ROW:  Star Wars 20G-Back Fett Offer  (with yellow rounded sticker on back), Revenge Proof 48-Back Nien Nunb Offer AFA 80, Empire 41E-Back Offerless AFA 80, POTF (slightly yellow tinted bubble and bubble crack-oops!), Empire Palitoy 45A-Back Bounty Hunter Offer
*Cardback Variation Notations conform to those on the Star Wars Collector Archive and do not always correspond to AFA catagorization