The Empire Strikes Back

These are pics of my ESB Figures:

Ahh, now we're into my favorite figures, and favorite of the movies. This is where things start to get tricky for a collector. First of all, once you move into ESB figures, you have to start worrying about yellowing of the bubbles. I've gone to a great deal of trouble to ensure that all of them have clear bubbles but it may be a losing battle against father time. Sure they may eventually all turn yellow, but that doesn't change the fact that I still hate the look of a yellowed bubble and am willing to pay more for clear. Also the issue of offers gets to be more of a problem. By the time of ESB, Kenner was doing it's darndest to get as much bang for the buck which included slapping stickers or printing offers on everything they could. Unfortunately for this collector, they obscure the view of the card pic itself and we can't have that. This becomes a real problem when trying to find a few offerless figures including Luke Hoth, C-3PO Removable, R2 Sensorscope, Cloud Car Pilot, and Bespin Guard Black. The 48-back is the only card that you will find these figurs offerless. You'd be surprised how rare an offerless ESB Bespin Guard Black is. Of course there is one figure you may never find offerless and ESB and that is 4-LOM (believe me, I've looked). He is known to exist but possibly only one or two, possibly not distributed in the US. I've never seen one for sale in over 3 years.

This run is finally complete.... but.... of all my figures, the ESB ones are the most in need of upgrades. That's because I bought alot of them early on when I was stupid. My Rebel Commander looks like it was sat on and the 3PO has some weird distortion of the bubble like it's melted. My Lobot and Ugnaught kinda suck too, but who likes those figures anyway? But I've determined that upgrading must wait until after the collection is complete (unless a REALLY good deal comes along and I'm always watching).


  2-1B 41E - Incredible figure.  Cardback is near perfect.  No creases, dents, marks, or wear on front or back.  Card is punched cleanly.  Only defect is that the left side of the bubble where it presses onto the card is a little heat warped, probably from the factory.  Almost impossible to see looking straight on but can barely be seen in the pic.  Doesn't detract from it's displayability at all.   4-LOM 48C - My only 48C back.  This figure is nearly perfect.  Truely beautiful.  Cardfront is absolutely perfect, no marks, creases, wear, or scratches, punched.  Cardback is also near perfect, just a very, very slight Kenner crease from the bubble being pressed on, very common.  Bubble is perfectly clear, slight damage top right way back by the card it is pinched, then another pinch on the top left, and the two together kinda distort the top of the bubble itself even though it is not creased.  Can barely be seen front on, does not detract from displayability at all.  Great condition on a rare figure.  Too bad they didn't produce him offerless, oh well.  
  AT-AT Commander 48A - Probably my least favorite figure, sorry but it's true.  I didn't even buy it, I bought the AT-AT Driver but the guy sent this instead then flaked out.  Even so, it's in great shape and I really can't complain too much.  No major damage anywhere, just a bit of edgewear and a couple stain spots up and to the left of the words "AT-AT' on the front.  Also there is an indent to the right of the word "Commander" on the front, almost like if you pressed it with the bottom of a pen very gently, very hard to see.  Bubble is clear, undamaged, but a little dirty on the top left edge where it meets the card, loose weapon.  Cardback back is perfect.   AT-AT Driver 48A - I had a little fiasco trying to get a great AT-AT Driver, but luckily it turned out for the best.  This figure is superb.  Bubble is clear and flawless.  Front of card has some sticker residue on the bottom right just below the pic's chin, can see in pic.  That, and there's some creasing/veining that runs vertically down the right edge of the card from the top (through the "d" in "and") straight down to about halfway where it has completely tapered off.  Very hard to see and doesn't detract from the displayability, doesn't go through to the back.  Back is clean and no damage or creases anywhere.  Unpunched.  Almost makes me glad I had such a hard time in the first place.     
  Bespin Security Guard (Black) 48A - Opinions vary, but in my experience this figure is the hardest ESB figure to find offerless of all, and that's saying alot.  Just one major flaw on this figure, and that's where someone had trouble removing a price sticker on the top right and tried to fix it with black ink, must have been a long time ago because it's quite faded.  The rest of the card front is perfect with no creases, marks, or damage at all.  Very slight edgewear.   Unpunched but the punch hole is a little worn.  The bubble is clear and near perfect, just a small inconspicuous dint to the top right corner way back by the card, can't see from the front at all.  The gun is loose, and so is the piece of tape that held it.  The back is better than the front.  Just a tiny vein/crease from the top of the hole punch to the top of the card, hard to see.  And that's it, no other creases or damage.  This is a very tough figure to find, too bad about the price sticker but still a great addition to the collection.   Bespin Security Guard (White) 32A - Great looking figure overall.  Bubble perfectly clear and undamaged, some marks inside from his blue hat scraping the plastic.  Card is fantastic, little bit of edgeware and a very minor superficial crease on the center right edge at about the figures shoulder level, doesn't show through, can be seen in pic.  Perfectly unpunched.  Very, very minor Kenner crease on back of card due to bubble top being pressed on.  The top left corner of the back does show some bending/creasing that doesn't go through to the front, diagonal on the corner for about 1 1/2 inch.  Pretty hard to see unless turned into the light.  Not my favorite figure, but still excellent.   
  Bossk 32B - Very close to perfect.  Bubble is crystal clear and undamaged.  Cleanly punched.  No damage to the front of card whatsoever.  Back of card shows typical Kenner crease from the bubble being pressed on, very light, mostly due to the top of the bubble (as usual) but also a little from the bottom of the bubble.  Displays fantastically.   C-3PO with Removable Limbs 48A -  This is one of my strangest figures.  It's offerless and clear bubbled which is extremely hard to find for this guy.  But the bubble has a funky warp to it.  I think it was overheated at the factory because it's not really specific to one area.  It kinda shows in the pic and as you can see it doesn't detract from the displayability, you kinda have to feel it more than see it.  The card is excellent.  Some sticker residue can be seen on 3PO's pic chest area.  And two very, very superficial surface creases on the top left (diagonal 1 1/2 inches) and right (diagonal 1/4 inch) of the card front, can only be seen when turned/reflected into the light.  Also tiny edge damage at very top center of card that shows on the front and the back, see pic.  Very minor Kenner crease on back from top of bubble being pressed on.  Unpunched.  Considering how hard it is to find this figure at all, I am very proud to have it in my collection.   
  Cloud Car Pilot 48A - Very difficult to find offerless, a true gem.  Bubble is perfectly clear and undamaged, weapons have come loose.  Cardback is near perfect, just the slightest edge wear, couple almost invisible surface creases that can only be seen when turned/reflected into the light.  Perfect corners.  Card is unpunched, but punch is slightly damaged.  Cardback is perfect except for tiny torn area from hole punch.   Dengar 41D - I think this is my only ESB figure with a yellow bubble, and so will probably get upgraded.  And when I say yellow, I mean it has just the slightest less than 1% tint to it, but when you've examined hundreds of carded figures looking for the best, you can tell right away.  The inner tray shows a little more yellow tint than the bubble, but still very nice.  The card almost makes up for the bubble, excellent shape, just a little very superficial surface veining/creasing on the top left from the hole punch to the left side, very light.  Also a tiny crease on the right edge about halfway down that can be seen in the pic.  Punched with some wear around the punch hole.  Back is great, some overall minor scuffing and a Kenner crease from when the top of the bubble was pressed on.  And a crease on the top left (figure side) corner that doesn't go through to the front, about an inch diagonally.  So, the yellow makes him an upgrade candidate, though I should probably keep it since they'll all turn yellow and become dust someday (just not while I'm still around please).  
  FX-7 31A - What a cool figure, remember how the head raises up ala E.T.?  This carded figure is not so great.  Few things.  First is the sticker residue top right, the picture shows it pretty well, though it's actually got a little bit of a yellow tint to the residue that doesn't show in the pic.  Second, the bubble has a deep crease on top, all the way across and then it's pushed in all the way down the right side, actually displays great even though it is pretty bad.  Third, the bottom right corner is heavily creased.  Not like it was bent, but more like someone dropped a heavy text book on it and it gave it a perfectly straight flaw, and it's more creased closer to the corner.  The crease looks worse on the back where it breaks the litho and ripples the card.  Other than these three big flaws, there aren't any little one's at all, card is very glossy and clean.  I guess this droid just had a rough life early on, but was still well taken care of later.    Han Solo Bespin Outfit 41E - Near flawless figure, beauty.  Bubble is perfectly clear and undented.  No damage, wear, marks, or creases to cardfront.  And only the tiniest corner wear to the top left corner on the cardback, looks more scratched than bent  Minor edgeware, punched.  One of my best ESB figures.    
  Han Solo Hoth Outfit 48A - One of my best ESB figures.  Case fresh, high gloss, perfectly unpunched.  No wear or marks to the front of any kind.  Only very minor Kenner crease to the back from when the bubble was pressed on.  Bubble is crystal clear, only a very superficial indent on the right-top side way back where it meets the card.  Not visible when looking at it face on.  A real beauty.   Imperial Stormtrooper Hoth Battle Gear 31A - Fantastic gorgeous figure.  Don't you just love the combination of white figure on red background?  Bubble is crystal clear and undamaged.  The card back and front show only one spot of damage, the bottom right corner has a decent crease/bend that shows through to the back and can clearly be seen in the pic.  And just a square of sticker residue to the right of "Stormtrooper" on front, very hard to see.  Tiny bit of wear around punch.  
  IG-88 41C - Absolutely stunning.  Probably my best ESB figure.  Bubble is clear and nearly perfect, just a tiny little pointed outdent on the top from where his head bumped into it.  Some very minor edgeware on the bottom and right.  Perfectly unpunched.  Card front is perfect except for a couple almost invisible superficial vein creases that are parallel/below to the pic's left arm and small gun.  Back is perfect.  I like to have my favorite figures on the best cards, just like this one.   Imperial Commander 41D - A beautiful displaying figure with just a few insignificant defects.  Bubble is crystal clear and undamaged.  Unpunched, though there are a couple very light creases from the corners of the punch area to the top of the card, can see in pic.  Remnants of a price sticker on the right bottom part of card, I didn't do it myself, but I could probably clean it up so it's unnoticeable (wonder why I didn't do this when I bought it?)  Two very minor surface vein creases on the front, one above bubble about 1/2 inch long, the other on right edge of card just above sticker residue about 1/3 inch long.  No damage to the back at all.  
  Lando Calrissian 32B - Near perfect.  Bubble is crystal clear and absolutely no damage, weapon is loose.  Card front is perfect, no marks, wear, creases, or dents.  Card back is perfect except for a mild Kenner crease from when the bubble was pressed on.  There is a little bit of damage to the punch, but it is still unpunched.    Princess Leia Organa Bespin Gown 32B - Perfect.  Except for the very slightest edge wear on the right side I can't find a single mark or flaw to describe.  Crystal clear bubble, unpunched, even the gun is still in place.  Like I said, perfect.  
  Leia Hoth Gear 41E - Gorgeous figure, only the slightest of flaws.  Bubble is perfectly crystal clear and undamaged.  No damage to back of cardback.  Just the slightest surface crease on front from the top edge straight down to the "R" in "Star", can barely be seen in pic, can only be seen when turned/reflected into the light, does not go through to the back at all.  Very minor edge wear, punched.  Displays perfectly.   Lobot 41E - Not my best figure, but that's okay, it's just Lobot (my apologies to Lobotphiles everywhere).  Many flaws.  Worst is the "repair" to the litho on the front, the "ST" in "STRIKES" has been restored with ink pens, actually doesn't look half bad, but it is pretty obvious.  There's also lots of edgewear and the hole punch is pretty worn.  The bubble is actually very good, clear and just a slight push on the top right side, hardly there and no other flaws.  Card is a little bent overall.  And there is some blue rubbed mark right on the pic of Lobot's face.  Some very tiny light veins in a couple spots, esp the edges but no other creases or damage to the front so it displays pretty well.  The back shows some general overall scuffing and wear.  Bottom left (figure side) corner is creased, but otherwise no major damage.  It could definitely use an upgrade but until then it fills this spot in my collection nicely.  
  Luke Skwalker Bespin Fatigues 41E - Breathtaking figure.  Incredibly rare to find offerless, brown haired, and in such superb condition.  Bubble is crystal clear and should have been perfectly undamaged, except that the top left corner is a tiny bit heat warped from being pressed on, very hard to describe because it is not dinged or pinched, just very slightly warped.  This has also caused a little damage to the card that can only be seen from the back, just a slight crease and bend.  Cardfront is perfect.  Perfectly unpunched.  A real highlight of my collection that means alot to me personally.   Luke Skywalker Hoth Gear 48A - Overall this figure is in great condition, though I would like to upgrade it eventually.  The bubble is the biggest problem, it has a pretty substantial crease running across the top, no cracks, but still detracting.  Rest of the bubble is crystal clear and no problems.  The card is in good shape.  A good crease on the bottom right corner you can just barely see where it starts and stops on the edges in the pic, it runs diagonally just to the edge of the photoart, but doesn't break the surface and doesn't show on the back.  Some price sticker residue on the top right corner.  And the holepunch is a little messed up, it's not torn through but it almost looks like it is.  Still, it displays great and he is pretty hard to find offerless so I'm happy for now.  
  R2-D2 Sensorscope 48A - This one is a true gem, almost flawless and a very rare carded figure to find.  Bubble has a tiny dimple on the front right edge, barely worth mentioning factory flaw, otherwise clear and perfect.  The front shows no wear or damage at all, high gloss and clean.  Just a touch of edge wear on the bottom.  Unpunched.  The back is clean and flawless as well.  One of the toughest figures to find offerless, and in such superb condition to boot, definitely one of my finest.   Rebel Commander 41D -  I haven't been looking forward to describing this one.  It's the worst figure I own and I don't know what possessed me to buy it, or for that matter keep it all these years.  It isn't even my cheapest figure.  Well, lets see, the clear bubble has bad dents to the top and about 1/4 down the sides, though still looks good from the front.  The cardback is all warped, I remember trying to flatten it under 80 lbs. of textbooks with zero results.  Hey, it's unpunched!, and there's only one front crease to mention, from the bottom edge up through the Kenner logo, so that's not too bad.  Like I said, the back is all warped, and again no major creases, just a couple lines that look like something with an edge was pressed into it a long time ago (no, it wasn't my textbooks).  Honestly, you put this thing in a StarCase and step back a few feet and it's still very displayable, I guess it's not so bad after all.  
  Rebel Soldier 41B - AFA 75; card 75 - bubble 85 - figure 85.  I don't see any damage to the bubble or figure whatsover, both perfect.  The card shows one superficial crease from the top straight down to bottom of the second "s" in "STRIKES".  Unpunched, and there is a tiny bit of wear to the top tip of the punch.  The back shows the typical Kenner crease where the top of the bubble was pressed on.  Personally I think it should have graded at least an 80 and probably an 85 based on other afa figures I have seen and submitted.  Oh well.   Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot 48A - My first vintage carded figure.  Nearly perfect.  Bubble is crystal clear with only the tiniest superficial nick in the top-right corner, gun has come loose.  Little bit of glue residue on top right of card in two spots, can be seen in pic, one square spot just above the word "Pilot" and the other small strip just to the right of the "E" in "Empire".  No damage to the back of the card whatsoever.  Hole punch is a little ragged, but only because of how it was punched.  A great start to this collection.  
  Ugnaught 48A - This'll be fun!  This is a crappy figure!, and I don't care.  Who wants to spend alot of money on him?  Actually it's really not that bad.  The bubble is the worst, perfectly clear of course, but still with alot of damage, creased all the way across the top and down the right side, not cracked though.  The card's actually really good, a couple of those really superficial vein creases by the Kenner logo, some sticker residue top left, but nothing that stands out at all.  Unpunched.  Back is in fantastic shape.  At the time it was just what I wanted, will upgrade because of the bubble sooner or later.   Yoda 32B -  Overall great condition figure.  There are no major flaws, but the whole cardback just seems... worn?!?  The bubble is clear and nearly perfect, tiny dint on top-right corner way back by card (very common) and another tiny dint on the very bottom of the bubble stem, can't see either from front at all.  Top left of card has a superficial crease can only be seen from back,  not bad.  But you can kinda see in the pic what I mean when I say worn, like micorscopic white specs that can be seen in the black areas, even though the card is still very glossy.  Show even more specs on the back, not sure why, and can only be seen closeup?!?  
  Zuckuss 48A - One of my childhood favorites, what kid wouldn't love a bug-eyed robot figure with the biggest gun?  Bubble is clear and perfect, just how I like them.  The front of the card is excellent, just some sticker residue on the top right which looks worse than it really is in this pic.  And two holes from a staple, you can see the left one better in the pic just to the left of the "Empire" logo, tiny flaw.  Bottom left corner of card has a tiny bend that is also on the back.  Otherwise the back is flawless except for a very light Kenner crease from when the top of the bubble was pressed onto the card.  If you want to call this figure 4-LOM you can stop reading and close this web page right now buster... his name is Zuckuss!!